Jeff Schouela nervously began his comedy journey in 2004, in which he compared the excitement of amateur comedy to Asian Shakespeare, While he stopped doing that bit, Jeff hasn’t looked back, performing regularly at some of the best comedy clubs and sketchiest cities  across North America. In 2009, Jeff was asked to be part of the “Best Of Montreal” album recording, which was featured heavily on Sirius XM’s Laugh Attack, and in 2012, Jeff was selected to record a comedy special as part of iChannel’s “No Kidding” series in Canada.

Jeff also performs regularly in French, not so much for artistic fulfillment, but mostly for the bi-minute applause breaks, from the warm Francophone audiences which fill his heart with joy and confusion. Examples of this can be witnessed HERE.

Between his dozens of followers on Twitter and his legions of fans that don’t exist, Jeff is a force to be reckoned with, to the point where he’ll get off stage and be met with such high praise like “Where’s the bathroom?”